Combine Your Natural Remedies Knowledge With Herbal Medicine

Are you looking for a world renowned

Herbal Medicine School?

The most comprehensive Online Course of

Herbal Medicine that exists!

Taught By Doctor Patrick Jones. 

DOCTOR Patrick Jones says,

“I believe it’s critical that we learn to take charge of our own health and become medically self-sufficient.  There are many herbal education programs available. Many are quite expensive. Many focus too little on medicinal plants and too much on commercial formulas they’d like you to buy. Many are, frankly, not based on anatomical and physiological facts but depend instead on esoteric, metaphorical systems of diagnosis and treatment that have little to do with what’s actually going on in the body or the plant. Most of them have no hands-on learning or personal instruction with the teachers.

– What would it be like to be taught the principles of anatomy and physiology that would really help you understand how the body works in a clear and direct way?

– What would it be like to really understand what the plants are doing to the organs and systems of the body?  

– What would it be like to be taught by someone that has actually used medicinal plants in his clinical practice all day, every day for many years?

– What if that teacher didn’t just treat head colds, acne, and low energy but actually used herbs to address serious wounds, rattlesnake bites, gangrene, systemic infections, liver disease, and all manner of other serious conditions?

– What if that teacher personally cultivated and processed over 175 different medicinal plants on his own property and could teach you to do the same?

– What if you could spend time with that teacher learning, hands-on, how to make tinctures, glycerites, salves lotions, and other herbal medicines?

– What if you could walk through the deserts and forests with that teacher and be taught how to identify and harvest medicinal and edible plants yourself?

– What if you could spend entire days with that teacher in deep-learning, masters’ seminars?

Here’s the good news…

You can find out exactly what all those things are like! 

My name is Patrick Jones. I am a practicing veterinarian, traditional naturopath, and clinical herbalist. For years I’ve used the power of herbs to bless the lives of my veterinary patients and my human herb clients. Because of my veterinary credentials and license, I have had the unique opportunity to treat cases that most herbalists wouldn’t dream of addressing. I can give you the benefit of that experience.

Because of my passion for herbal education and, frankly, my dissatisfaction with what is available for would-be herbalists, I’ve decided to create a comprehensive herbal education experience.

My lovely wife, LoriAnn, is also a traditional naturopath, herbalist, and licensed midwife. Her input and co-authoring of modules is invaluable and brings yet another clinical skill set and educational background to the course.

Here’s What the Program Includes

Online lessons on topics such as the following:

–       History of herbal medicine

–       General Principles of Herbal Healing

–       Principles of Herbal Medicine Making

–       Principles of Creating Herbal Formulas

–       Central Nervous System: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Respiratory System: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Immune System: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Cardiovascular System: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Kidneys and Bladder: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Male Reproductive: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Female Reproductive: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Liver and Gall Bladder: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Bones and Joints: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Digestive System: Anatomy, Physiology and Herbal Interactions

–       Herbal Wound Management

–       Managing Venomous Snake and Spider Bites

–       Poultice use

–       Herbal Pills, Boluses and Electuaries

–       Making Tinctures, vinegars and glycerites

–       Herbal Cleanses

–      Veterinary Herbalism

–      Herb Safety in Pregnancy & Lactation

–       Ethics and Legal Principles of Herbal Practice

–       Working Up an Herbal Case

–       Herbal Gardening

–       Collecting wild Herbs

–       Drying, Processing & Preserving Herbs

–       Monographs on individual plants…

You can complete the learning modules at your own pace as life allows. Some will include hands-on assignments.

Access to The Private HomeGrown Herbalist Student Forum 

Log in to the forum any time to discuss assignments, ask questions or shoot the breeze with other students and graduates.

Herb walks 

We offer live herb walks in desert, mountains and in our herb gardens. We will deeply explore each of these environments and learn about the plants that live there.  The walks are held in Utah and Idaho. Recordings of several plant walks are available for distant learners.

Herbal Medicine Making Workshop

Roll up your sleeves…we’re makin’ medicine! These seminars are held at various times in Utah and Idaho and are also available by video.

Herbal Wound Management and Suturing Workshop

You’ll learn to manage even the most serious wounds using medicinal plants. You’ll also learn basic suturing techniques.


First, let’s determine what the course is worth:


*  Comparable “Master Herbalist” Course with Online Lessons, Videos…. Somewhere around $6,000

*  2 Herb walks @ $85 Each (Heavily Discounted for students)

*  1 Herbal Medicine Making Workshop @ $85 Each (Heavily Discounted for students)

*   1 Wound management and Suturing Workshop @ $80 (Heavily Discounted for students)

*  Taking charge of your own health and being more self-sufficient ………. Priceless!

Looks like about $6220.00


There it is, But What’s It Going to Cost You?


How about $899.99 for the Whole Shabang.

Price changes to $1449.00 at midnight on January 16th, 2024


Why so inexpensive?

Because I think it’s really important that you do it.”

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