Ready to join the movement?  It’s brand new so the community is cozy.

And it is probably less than your next walk-in clinic bill or co-pay.

If you haven’t heard, insurance is not getting cheaper.  The cost of some poor lifestyle choices can bankrupt you – drowning you in medical bills. 

So, we are doing all we can to get the word out about the things YOU can do at home; natural low to no cost things that improve your health without all the ugly side-effects.

Save time, save fuel, save money, maybe even save yourself, your family or your loved ones some day by linking arms with the way things were supposed to be!

The cost to join this special, private group in the future will be $27/month.

However since our team is just rolling this out we wanted to give YOU our Grand Opening special… 

Noteworthy, first,  is the fact that most “hydrotherapy” schools out there only teach colonic hydrotherapy costing, on average $2,000-$3,000 and upwards of $5,000 if included with a massage therapy program.  And their course focuses on, you guessed it, the colon.

As you’ve already learned from our email mini course series, there are literally hundreds of uses for the amazing and healing affects of water throughout the body, head to toe, hot or cold, and for hundreds of reasons.  

So, $27/month or $324/year is a great price.  However, because you’ve really got to just learn on your own and we are only providing the information and a “private” classroom, if you will, to talk amongst your “classmates,” we are slashing that yearly price in half!  

Yes! You read that correctly!  You’ve got the mini course in hand now we will join together to learn, ask, help and be helped.  

So, breathe easy – at $162/year!

That’s 50% off! And as the community grows, you’ll learn so much more than just hydrotherapy!

But your price will never change.  So, jump in before it does.  

Choose your option

$27/month or $162/year

We’ve got some bonuses for you too!

You must have a Facebook account and be willing to send us your Facebook name to be added to our group.

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