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7 Health Risk Profiles

Start here. The perfect compliment when opening your new Natural Remedies Encyclopedia for the first time. By answering a few questions on each profile, these risk profiles can help you determine your risk towards 6 common diseases and place you on a Healthy Eating scale to point you in the right direction. THE place to start for sure!

Home Health Lemons

You never know when you will need a physical therapist to treat you at home. After a devastating car wreck, stroke or heart attack. No matter what your age, knowledge is your key to getting the highest quality of home health physical therapy. Home care is short staffed. Don’t let that cheat you out of a great rehabilitated future!


Wheelchair Freedom

Whether you are wheelchair bound or not, this ebook will give you some amazing exercises you can do for both strength and flexibility. A great sneak peak at what you could do sitting down to improve your health!


Straight Leg Raises

Go nowhere fast without your legs! Weak leg are better than none but why settle for that when you could optimize your leg strength (injury or no injury!) with this e-book. Don’t need it now? Tuck it away for future use!


1.5 Mile Run Worksheet

Find your aerobic capacity and compare it to the norms. (only for fit individuals).


Seven Goals For Healthy Living

Profound and free!


Aerobic Mile Chart

How to measure and keep track of your physical activity.


Maintaining a Healthy Blood Pressure

Stalking the silent killer!


Body Mass Index

An older chart that doesn’t cheat to keep up with a fatter and fatter nation.


Basic Stretching Exercises

Stretching can help you feel like a million. Here are some basics!


Fat in Foods

Remember the good fat sources! Find them here.


Glycemic Index and Load

Numbers to be sustained by!


One Mile Walk Test

Great way to measure your aerobic capacity to the norms. Requires sub-maximal effort.



Take this test before starting any worksheets that require physical activity.


Basic Strengthening Exercises

Did we mention BASIC – and even though they are, check with your doctor first!


Steps to Abundant Living

Snuggle up with a glass of water and your cozy slippers – there’s a lot to chew on here!


10-Week Fitness Log

Need a little umph to get you on the road to a better you?


Understanding Health Studies and Charts

Need to translate a health study or chart into normal English?

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