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``We purchased your Encyclopedia two years ago, and found it such a help. Then in March my beloved husband of 42 years had a sudden heart attack. We quickly turned to page 513 - and it saved his life! Now I want another copy to send to my daughter who has two children. The information in the book got us both on a better diet and way of life. We feel so much better now. That book is a life-changer. I wouldn't part with our copy for a thousand dollars.``- - Northern Ohio
``Our Methodist pastor sold me the Encyclopedia about three years ago. It was so beautiful I put it on the coffee table in the living room so it would be easier to use. No other book in the house has that kind of information. When or neighbors started looking in it, they found it helped them also. Before long, they were stopping by, one after another, to read in it and write down what they needed to do. I tell you, people have been healed by using those low-cost remedies! There's not much money around here, and people appreciate this. And the book has not one drug or doctor bill in it. Anywhere! Since I am home all the time, folk come regularly now, two or three a week. They have found they can care for themselves at home and that helps a lot. So many are out of work now. I am thankful my husband still has a job.``- - Central Georgia
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