My Mission.

Healthcare in our United States is failing many. Diseases of all kinds have reached epidemic proportions. The world is spinning out of control. People are lost and scared. I’m offering this haven, this refuge to those who desire to find solid, proven answers outside of mainstream health, mainstream psychology and mainstream religion. I hope you can find the answers you seek for healing, physically, mentally, spiritually.

My Vision.

To get this resource into the hands of 1 million people; digitally or physically – so word of mouth will spread faster than wildfire and help to heal our land.

Our Authors.

Vance H. Ferrell
Harold M. Cherne, M.D.

Hand Crafted Remedies From God
Designed to Heal
The Machine He Created.

Most Trusted Resources

Resources for Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

Simple Church

A New Testament house church network.

Fixable Life

How you got where you are and how to change.


Transforming this generation.


Affordable, Biblical Healthcare

Nedley Health Solutions

Depression Recovery & Emotional Intelligence.

Amazing Facts

Refreshing your heart with Bible truth.

Born To Grow - Garden Launch

Real people. Real proof.


Curious? Convicted? Converted.
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